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Ripped knees in jeans come out stronger after mending


From shortening slacks to keeping the original hem on beloved-but-just-a-little-too-long jeans, we've got you covered.

Shortening dresses, taking in sleeves, and slimming the fit of shirts and blouses are a breeze as well, whether knits or wovens.

Ripped knees in jeans come out stronger after mending


If you have a piece that's been loved to death, don't trash it - mend it!

Ripped jeans can come back even stronger, a torn shirt can be fixed up, and old clothes can get new life with a few stitches. Afghans and sweaters with holes or loose yarns can be done up again or darned.

Broken zippers, stretched buttonholes, and missing buttons can be mended as well.

Prom and Formals

If a formal gown is too long, needs a bustle or hand-hold, or gapes at the neck, these are all easily solved! All that's needed is a fitting wearing the shoes you plan on wearing with the gown.

(Bonus - if enough fabric is removed when hemming the gown, sometimes a coordinating tie from the excess material can be made for your date as well.)

Finishing a hand-sewn hem on a gown
Hand embroidered tropical flowers embellish and cover a tear


Sometimes a little extra embellishment is in order.

Custom designed, hand-embroidered motifs can be added to garments including names on uniforms, patches on tears, and mascots on bags.

Meet Megan

Sewing and crafting is in my DNA! I learned from the best (machine work from my mom and hand-stitching from my dad), and after college really started taking a higher-end approach to sewing and mending. I take pride in my hand-sewing, couture finishes, and quality seams that last for years.

While my day job as a 6th-12th grade Youth Minister keeps me busy and sewing fills many of my spare hours, I also enjoy studying hula, gardening, and running.

Price Guide

Here is a pricing guide for alterations I'm often asked about. I hope this is helpful as a rough guide for anyone seeking alterations. Prices are subjective and vary based on fabric type, complexity of the task, and time spent on the project.

If the task you need isn't listed, contact me! I'll let you know what's possible.

Garment AlterationsDetailsApproximate Cost
HemShirts, tops, blouses, dresses$15-25 per layer
HemPants, jeans, slacks$12-30
Shorten sleevesNo cuff/cuffed$12-30
Slim sleeves--$15-25
Slim leg--$20-40
Adjust waistPants, dresses$30-50
MendingDetailsApproximate Cost
Broken zipper--$15-30
Buttons/buttonholes--$3 per
Ripped denimMachine-darning$20+
Knit/crochet holesRestoring/hand-darning$25/hr
Prom and FormalsDetailsApproximate Cost
Formal gown hem--$25-45 per layer
Take in sidesLined/unlined$30-50
Managing a trainBustle/handhold$25-35
EmbroideryDetailsApproximate Cost
Visible mendingCovers a rip/tearPlease inquire
NameOn uniform, backpack etc.$25+
Custom patchEmbroidered directly on garmentPlease inquire

You've sold me - sew it, Megan!

Do you have anything that could use some work done? Send me a message to get the conversation started!

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